Universal inspiration: Gabriela Isler

EBM-Who is María Gabriela Isler in her every day life? 

GI- To be honest, I’m a very simple woman, and I like to show people the real me.

I have never been a woman that follows trends or sacrifice herself to project a version that’s not who She’s.

My family and friends are vital to me, in the middle of my busy life and thousands of things to do I like to spend time with my partner and also take care of myself.

My every day consists on working hard for what I believe with passion and love.

I have good days and bad days like every other human being, but I try to enjoy every second.

One thing about myself is that I like to be a proactive person.

EBM- How’s life after winning Miss Universe?

GI- The Miss Universe competition was the opportunity to show everything that I worked for and everything I learned at the Miss Venezuela for more than a year.

I had to show resistance during the whole learning process, I had to grow, it was imperative to get out of my comfort zone, not only when I won the Miss Venezuela but during the Miss Universe competition.

EBM-When you become a “Miss Universe” there are lots of responsibilities you assume with the crown

GI- After I finished my term As Miss Universe I had some time to work on my personal goals.  I redirected my career.

My main focus was to become an effective communicator I had to bring a message that goes beyond beauty so that way I could inspire women around the world.

It was also a process of self-discovery, where I found new capacities that I never had before and I felt this was a season where I completely connected with my purpose in life.

EBM- After winning the Miss universe competition do you feel like a different woman? 

GI- I feel like I’m the same Molly but I have gained wisdom and I have learned a lots of lessons in this path. 

I think this life is about lessons, we learn from success and we learn from failures, but these failures I call them learning experiences.

I became a “Citizen Of The World ” I got to experience different cultures, new ways of living, world movements, and because of that kind of exposure, I’m working towards making a positive impact in my community, and also for those little girls and women that look up to me.

I strive every day to be role a model for them. 

EBM-Does your perspective of day to day has changed? 

GI- Absolutely, I feel like the maturity and the wisdom we get with time make us value every day and live every single one of them with a different perspective.

I had the opportunity to travel to Asia and see their culture, religion and the way they live and it made reflect of how I was living my day to day life.

Today I can say I see every circumstance in life with gratitude, tolerance, respect and above all with peace.

I live thinking how Karma is real, and every action or step in my life has to be authentic, when you live a life of authenticity it will give you an internal peace.

I know I can’t control my surroundings but I go to bed every night grateful and conscious that I use my voice for something that matters.

We need to get to know each other in this world

We need to listen to each other, only doing that we can live in harmony and be grateful for what we have.

EBM- I know you travel a lot, but if you could tell us which is your favorite place to travel or vacation? And why?

GI- Traveling for me is more than an escape is an opportunity to keep discovering myself.

In the silence of a sunrise or a sunset, in the sound of the wind or the waves, or when I stop to contemplate the beauty of a garden, I keep finding myself, I find myself with new ideas, creativity, I find myself at peace, that peace and balance that sometimes get lost with the daily routine.

My favorite place will always be where My family is and of course Venezuela my Homeland. 

But there is a very special place in my heart for Bali Indonesia it has an energy that captivates my spirit.

EBM- When it comes to family, how are you navigating this new role as a wife? 

GI- I got married with the absolutely conviction that love is the most powerful strength in this world. Love can changed us as individuals, love can transforms lives.

Marriage has been a very interesting challenge. When I got married almost simultaneously I found myself in a new professional challenge as well. 

 I like to call myself the girlfriend hahaha because Im always striving to build a marriage where the routine doesn’t get the best of us, where laughter is required. I’m always very intentional of having quality time very often even with the craziness that involves my job.

EBM- What about your new professional role?

GI- It has been quite challenging to become the Director of Formation and Communications of Miss Venezuela.

I got a bachelors in management in college.

But I hadn’t had the chance until now to work for a prestigious corporation like the Miss Venezuela organization. 

I have grown with the help of people I love within the organization of Miss Venezuela.

 EBM- What kind of content Gabriela Isler offers in her web site? 

GI- I’m interested in offering quality content, more than sharing my day to day life I like to share information that can help us to question certain issues, have opinions and learn from them. 

I always tell stories of my life to the people that follow me and I always look for the interaction between us.

I like to give beauty tips, talk about fashion and trends, all of these focused in the empowerment of the every day Woman in a way that she can learn to love herself and this goes beyond stereotypes.

This is the content you can find in my web site & social media, I’m an open book with out euphemisms.

I always try to have content with value for everybody.

As a right now, my team and I are working to refresh the website.

In the next couple months we are gonna give you a window of new material and positivism.

EBM- How has it been the process of becoming the formation and communication Director of the Miss Venezuela? 

GI- In this new roll in the organization of Miss Venezuela my main motivation is to build a legacy that reflects my principles and values, this legacy isn’t only about me, it’s what I can do to impact the life of others.

Always thinking about the new generations to come. 

The Miss Venezuela represents a project for my country and knowing you are an agent of changed for Venezuela And also you are adding value to the lives of 24 women competing for the title of “Miss Venezuela”  and  helping all those little girls and teenagers at home to dream big, and that’s more than a reason to keep giving my time and effort to this project. 

Let’s talk more about you

EBM- What do you think is your essence?

GI- My essence lies in living to the fullest every day, the moment we understand that when we leave this earth the only thing we are taking with us is what we lived, our experiences, those special moments, at that exact  moment we start living in a different way.

I always try to be myself, I always accept myself with my virtues and my mistakes.

My essence is to be true to myself,being conscious of my story, where I’m heading to and above all honesty and humbleness.

 EBM- Can you describe your personality in 3 words?

GI- Sensitive (sometimes too sensitive), persistent, focused.

 EBM- If you could work in something that isn’t linked with modeling or what your current roll is.

What would it be?

GI- Currently, I’m working on developing something that it has nothing to do with modeling and beauty. Since I started my career I have been working on some initiatives and social projects.

Helping others and having a positive impact  in their lives it’s something that motivates me constantly.

I like to know the reality and the conditions that people live and from my position to be able to help.

I do this through social initiatives, and my Public speeches, the point of these initiatives are that all women from different backgrounds can learn That if they work hard  they can take care of their well beings and also they can learn to feel valued. 

EBM- What is the opposite of your image that we can know about you?

GI- The opposite of what sometimes my image projects is my vulnerability.A lots of people know me as a hardworking woman, persistent and a winner of beauty contests and that makes people think that myself esteem and confidence are solid.

But I’m a individual that often has a hard time believing in myself, my potencial and what I’m capable of doing.

And that’s the motivation behind that initiative of becoming a speaker and to bring #IChooseyou #eligeteATi to all those women  that somehow have experienced and keep experiencing the same  issues I have had.

EBM- What’s the social justice movement that you are currently working with?

GI- Isler initiative is my humanitarian project, this project contributes with social activities that promote the empowering of young women, it focus on education, maternal mortality, human trafficking, modern slavery, reduction of pregnancy in teenage girls among other social problems happening in our society right now.

However this last year I had to stop doing some of these speeches because of work and travel.

But I’m hoping to come back pretty soon stronger than ever. 

Photography and makeup: César Díaz @cesardiazvip

Model: Gabriela Isler @gabrielaisler

Cover design: Daniel Cadenas.

Translation: Dennis Salazar,


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