Timeless beauty

Time has change and also our beauty routines but within year the millenarian ones stills remains. Cosmetic and skincare market is one of the strongest and now women and men are more aware about the skin care and how to get a healthier appearance one of my favorite routines about my skincare is hydration, I mean I really like to get my face, eyies, neck and hands correctly hydrated, but I also know that what works for ones maybe doesn’t work for others so I will give you my experience about some routines and cosmetics that have helped me through my skincare care for myself and my clients.

Before applying any cleanser I always do with warm water first over my face so my skin is relaxed and ready to be treated.
I use Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar Moisturizing is a cleansing soap, in very into bar soaps because I like this feeling of solid in my hands becoming into foams and I feel like this goes deep and clean everything away but how I told you before I like my face moisturized so I finish with Givenchy Le Soin Noir Rituel de Nettoyage this one give me that incredibly pure skin , also a smooth appearance I feel my skin is totally balanced between moist and tender.

Giving that hydration back

After this ritual that sometimes in the rush it becomes a quick swiping in my face I still spend time applying my face and eye cream, for the face I just started using Marc Jacobs Youth quake enriched with pineapple enzymes I didn’t know that this gel cream would give me this moisture but never make me feel oily I am really loving this Cream and for my eye area I can’t go without my crema Nera light-reviving eye cream I love this soft texture and really revive my face with that illuminating effect around my eyes. The mirror in the bottom of the cream is a plus, you would never imagine that is a mirror there. Love this.

When is about makeup I don’t have any experience of wearing it but I have a huge experience applying and make it feels comfortable and wearable. I guess most the foundation works when I try I just need to do a good work always star with a little quantity then you can create the coverage you wish. In my favorite list are
Luminous silk Giorgio Armani is that kind of foundation the is good for everyone and almost never goes overdone,
CC Cream Chanel is so creamy that will glide and cover so go good and never let you dry skin
Shameless Marc Jacobs for this sunny days thanks to its spf 25 but flash back free, is perfect for oily skin.

The Everwear Givenchy concealer is great and if you work it well it wouldn’t cake.
The emotion proof Tom Ford concealer is also an amazing choice for this full coverage lovers.

There’s so many choice in the market but what I want you to do before selecting anything you can work in bringing that internal beauty from you and own it, celebrate it and trust that you can do your runway across anything with confidence.

Beauty is everywhere at every moment, not only standing in from of the mirror, applying makeup, doing some treatments here or there or doing your hair you can take care of your beauty, yo can go beyond because beauty is timeless.


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