She´s here!

Our 14th edition has come to tell you that she’s here, she’s renovated, she’s changed, she’s evolved and she’s speaking a different language 
You are probably wondering right now, what is this all about? 

This is our new Enboga magazine edition that brings everything you’ve been waiting for.
She’s coming to tell you that to be Enboga is more than fashion and what’s trending. 
We have renovated our website to offer you a completely different image , variety of content, we want to make sure that when you are thinking Enboga You can find more than just
We want  to take you on a journey with us and Travel to different countries, experience different cultures, learn about fashion, entertainment, wellness,  history, social and policial issues and much more.

We want you to know in this 14th Enboga edition that we love “Fashion” and that fashion goes beyond an Outfit, we want to experience with you fashion as deep form of expression.
The new content we are bringing to our users is to show them  what’s behind the stage, we want to inspire them in each story.

She’s here!

But a lot of you are asking, who is she?

She’s is you!
The Enboga Women 
She’s a risk taker, She’s speaks several languages, she likes to travel, she’s educated, she’s ambitions, she’s a boss, She’s a hopeless romantic, she’s bold, she takes chances, she’s compassionate, she’s sensitive. 
She’s going to show you how she has reinvented herself, how she has changed, how she has evolved.
She’s a Enboga women.

What’s the new content in  enboga magazine?

We are excited to bring you a new image and a new language.
 We want to share with the Anglo-Saxon market 
Who Enboga Magazine embodies. 
A culture of millions of Latin Americans living all over the world.
 we want to show you our people, our rich and amazing culture, our gastronomy,  our talent, our artist.
We want to showcase those Heroes we find in every corner around the globe  that work hard every day to make this world a better place.

We have divided our content in segments:
Interviews where you will get to know the stories of #GenteEnboga  people in different areas including fashion, gastronomy, social & political issues, philanthropists, speakers and so on.

We also are going to bring #Enbogatendencias Where we will bring you what’s trending, news highlights around the world.

We want you to get to know #IconosEnboga those heroes that millions know by name and those who are unknown.

And  #Dioesamor where we want to bring hope to your life no matter that circumstances that you are living or those who surrounds you.
We are bringing a message of Hope that God
Is real and he loves you and he wants the best for your life.

Enboga TV: YouTube 

And last but not least we are relaunching our YouTube channel, we want you to be connected with us and we want to make you feel at home. 

We know! You are going to love it!

Traslation: Dennis Salazar


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