Romana is back at NYFW

After a long time away from backstage Romana returns with her magic brushes to do what she does best!!! make models look stunning  when we are talking about make up.

Romana, makeup artist

We had the opportunity to see her in action at New York fashion week at the Sienna Li fashion show with whom she has worked on several collections and who she has known for 4 years. 

We talked about what she has done throughout this year and how she has adjusted in this COVID-19 era.

She tells us that this fashion week she decided to be part of 2 shows and that her inspiration with Sienna Li was bright and radiant colors as we were in isolation for so long that this represents a come back.

Although this fashion week has been challenging as many of the artists she works with were not able to travel due to the restrictions still in place.

Romana shared with us that like everyone else not being at fashion week last year and spending a lot of time in isolation has been very difficult for her but at the same time a learning experience.

Romana’s perspective is positive and she tells us that she saw this period of isolation as a “Great Mentor” she reflects how the past  10 years had been none stop and she was in this  hustling mode.

So this gave her time to examine herself as a person and to rest.

 At first it was so difficult because all she could hear day and night were ambulances.

And this helped her to reflect on what is the most important things in life and that many times we focus on things that have no meaning or significance in our lives.

Also she learned that balance has to be a way of living.

In addition to this Romana tells us that she has embarked on a new adventure.

 She decided to open her private make up studio in Manhattan, and although it is something new and challenging since she always works with a team and never in 1 on 1, this is something that has been in her plans for some time.

This new adventure has taught her that when she finishes her work and the clients see the result and they are happy and you can notice a high degree of confidence in them, that makes her feel grateful because she feels like she is being part of this person’s happiness .

Romana tells us that she hopes that next year we will be back to normal and that we will see each other again on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. 


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