INF x Chen Shu-fang Fashion Film

Theme song A reading of first love” has been long lost for 87 years.

Sang by Taiwanese pioneer singer Chuan Chuan

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 21 AW, you will find an authentic Taiwanese fashion film with the theme of general store. Kuo Wei, born and raised in Taichung, Taiwan, graduate of Master’s Program in Fashion Design at Shih Chien University with his team of INF is the mastermind behind this film.

Yao Yao Chuang, awarded as Best Newcomer Director in San Diego Asian Film Festival, SDAFF, single handedly directed and produced this film with displaying a pleasurable amount of skill.

NYFW 21AW “Time Machine” takes place in a traditional convenience store passing on generation after generation in Taiwan. The leading actress as the owner of the store Auntie Chiou, is played by Chen Shu-fang who has been in queer relationship for many years. This couple broke up when Aunti Chiouwas 30 years old and they promise each other with handkerchief as a token of love. A commitment of reunion if Auntie Chiou is still single when she turns 70.  The determination of seeing the love of her life sustained her for 40 years and finally brought to her a happy ending

Best Leading Actress of Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Chen Shu-fang reminisced her puppy love as if she walks down the memory lane through “Time Machine”.

With the inspiration of Taiwanese old school general store, INF 21AW “Time Machine “incorporated Grunge Art element into retro design with modern twist including the classic TTL (Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation) plates. With Kuo Wei’s admiration for The father of Grunge Art – David Carson, he showcase his Postmodernism artistic black humor through the process of deconstruction, rebellion and unfinished design techniques.

As always, INF revolutionize the traditional design drawing from constant reconstruction so as to come up his versatile series “One for all” together with Grunge Art style leaving the fabric untrimmed as high light. The pattern has several design revamps of convenience storefront outlook and logo adding Chinese characteristics, ink splashing, grease staining arrangement.  With the aim of provoking black humor through Grunge Art design, you will find detail of electric embroidery taglines like “High end couture, craftmanship, made to measure, unique and original and quality guarantee”.

What went into this morsel, however, captivate the mind to remember and be nostalgic.  Re-birth through this fleet-to-foot work, the theme song “A reading of first love” long-lost for 87 years, sang by Taiwan’s pioneering female singer Chuan Chuan (Original name: Liu Ching-Hsiang) has re-surfaced in this film.


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