Dulcería NYC celebrates the Sustainable Chile proposal

 The rooftop of Brooklyn Grange was the perfect setting to receive the first edition of Sustainable Chile sponsored by the Wines of Chile organization, which took place yesterday and Dulcería New York City had the opportunity to showcase its high-end cakes.

Dulcería led by Marco Matheu and Daniel Minzer since their opening almost three years ago have not stopped giving good news.  It is that this proposal has awakened the palate of locals and strangers.  So much so that the owners have taken on the task of venturing into the different pastry areas including ice cream and a wine bar.

Efforts have been added on this occasion to be part of the first edition of Sustainable Chile that brought together the Chilean community in the wine industry who are fighting for sustainability that includes everything from vineyard practices to social problems and tourism, which they called, “Sustainability Code”.

 Daniel and Marco took advantage of this opportunity to bring the best of La Dulcería to be part of this project, which of course is important for them as Chileans to be able to build with a grain of sand to this important task, especially since the Dulcería works to give know the Chilean flavors from this side of the world.

 For the exhibition the cakes and empanadas that were included were the following:

 Maicenita Alfajor, Chilean Alfajor, Chilean Milhoja cake, Dulce de leche walnut cake, Pistachio pancake, Dulce de leche pancake passion fruit cake, Double chocolate cake pancake, Lemon meringue pie, Beef empanadas Goat cheese and caramelized onion empanadas.

 Honestly, the impression of the attendees was very noticeable, from the Candy stand more than one repeated tasting the delicacies.

 The event culminated with a message from the Ambassador of Chile giving some warm words supporting this type of initiatives that come in favor of the Chilean collective and that the world can know that they are working hard for the development of both Chile and its surroundings.


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