Crescent Imports: “Chasing Stars”

By: Crescent Imports press media

At the dusk of the year it is always good to take stock and find the best to use it as a stepping stone into the future. During the last few weeks we spent talking with our producers in Spain we learned about all the Michelin starred restaurants where some of their wines were available in Spain.  We were filled with pride when we found out that between our producers we counted at least 86 combined Michelin stars.  This is not comprehensive, but impressive nonetheless.  

This particular view of our portfolio only means that a good piece of our portfolio is recognized by some of the best restaurants where they are produced.  The wines where we could not find this indicator is not reflective in any way of their quality and we are equally proud of all our producers and partners. 

“We were surprised by the amount of Michelin Stars that our producers have amassed in Spain, and we hope to help them gather much more in our area” Rafael said.

Our goal is to continue chasing more stars in our area.  Not only great places recognized by Michelin Stars, but any place that recognizes the quality and love that goes into all of our portfolio.  Remember that our goal is that you to have the best moments that will result in life-lasting memories. 

With this small piece of information we look forward to all the challenges that 2022 has in store for us, but knowing that we have built a track record with our consumers and clients that will allow us to keep growing.  We look forward to exploring new markets, wines, and building new memories with all our stakeholders. 

Crescent Imports founded by Daniel Minzer and Rafael Cervantes with the objective of bringing the best wines from Spain and Chile.  A diverse and value-added portfolio that has the potential to become a reference of quality in our markets.


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