Corey Woods x Clockwork hit the ground running at NYFW 2021

Celebrity eyewear designer Corey Woods in collaboration with streetwear artist Pinto ,ClockWork presented their latest collection for New York Fashion Week.  

433 Broadway in Soho, New York, studio was the stage where an explosion between art and fashion was felt. Wow what a mix! 

The show started with a performance of living mannequins in the windows of the store, catching the attention of the public and everyone who passed in front of the place. 

The models were sporting both the designer Corey Woods’ glasses and the Clockwork artist’s clothes. 

While this was happening Corey Woods made his triumphant arrival with a total white outfit simulating “The Arctic Metronome”, which was part of his inspiration for the concept of his collection. 

This is how the fashion show started with the participation of other local brands such as Triángulo Swag and Honesty Burns. 

Ph: Yung Ssfe

It is worth mentioning that the event was attended by the creators, brands and celebrities. Among which we can highlight Kerv, Bbinc, Alfredo Perez and Rowdy Rebel. 

The producer of the show, Malena Belafonte, was in charge of merging the incredible space with a mix of art and fashion. This proposal is just the prelude to all that is to come with Clockwork. 


Frank Zhang 


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