Cafe Vista an experience for the empowered women

Five years ago Balsayat Jorayeva, originally from Turkey, came to the United States with a dream and that is what makes her today the owner of Cafe Vista located in Hoboken, New Jersey, without fear that we are living a pandemic, she said YES to her new venture, where a few days ago we had the pleasure to meet and taste some of her delicacies.

Talking with Balsayat she told us that since she arrived in this country she had a business vision, because she as a good lover of beautiful places and with good taste was collecting ideas to transform them into her own business, which is today Cafe Vista that opened its doors six months ago.

The owner of Cafe Vista defines it as a space full of good vibes, quality but also with a cozy and amazing atmosphere, where they offer good service with excellent products accompanied by an atmosphere that makes you feel cool.

Cafe Vista is a place where you walk through the modern concept but with a mix of vintage objects, it is very charming!

For Balzayat as a “woman business owner”, she is a barista and she expressed to us that it is very important to empower other women to be motivated to take big initiatives. She is also a mom of two children and has another venture of handmade jewelry and distributors that you can locate on instagram as @bconceptboutique. “I’ve always been involved in the world of jewelry and I love fashion too.”

Among Cafe Vista’s provocative menu best sellers are their traditional Rose Latte, Matcha Latte, Dalgona Coffee, avacado toast, Cinamon roll and irresponsible baklava, among others….

Cafe Vista @cafevistahoboken

Cafe Vista is an experience you have to live!


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